Secret Agent Birthday Party…

My son is a lucky kid. With a graphic design nerd for a father and a talented costume designer for a mother, his birthday parties are ridiculously elaborate, in past years featuring recreations of Mount Olympus, Prince of Persia, and Godzilla-wrecked Tokyo. This year he requested a Secret Agent theme. Here are some of my contributions. Yes, that second-to-last image is the piñata.


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  • James
    02.01.15 - 1:15 am ·

    Awesome work on the Secret Agent party. Our little guy is interested in a spy party this year. I am looking to make a pinata similar to this one. Do you mind sharing how you built it? Thanks so much. James

  • Teacher Annie
    04.12.15 - 9:15 pm ·

    Are you willing to give some instructions on how to make the explosive pinata? I am doing a Secret Agent Grandma camp and the kids would go wild over this.

  • jess
    07.08.15 - 10:00 am ·

    Hi I love all your ideas and am planning a spy party for my son. I can’t figure out where you located the giant timer for the pinata. Did you post the directions to the pinata anywhere? I would love any info you could give me. Thanks so much!!!

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